A Check on the Ruling Political Class

June 8, 2022

This is a plea for money — a heartfelt one, the first such plea in our more than three decades as a tax-exempt Indiana nonprofit corporation.

The foundation has a historic disadvantage in fundraising. That is, it has no fundraisers. The minimalist staff is fully engaged in publishing and distributing the work of an intrepid group of scholars and essayists. It is not possible to launch expensive, broad-based campaigns.

This month and next we are asking you and others in a select group of members for donations in the $500 to $2,000 range. The money will be used to maintain and it is hoped expand our research and writing, plus schedule additional seminars.

In support of such a generous commitment, we ask you to consider that the foundation is the only organization in the state specifically focused on checking the schemes of a ruling political class in Indianapolis. It is an elite made up of both Republicans and Democrats that has lost touch with the lives of regular Hoosiers. 

We do this while dedicated to free markets and individual liberty and not in pursuit of power, office or even recognition. We have come this far on the trust of a small group of faithful donors and the hard work of a based slate of officers. We are serious about keeping to our mission statement, first jotted down on a restaurant napkin by a group of friends 33 years ago: 

We shall marshal the best thought on governmental, economic and educational issues at the state and municipal levels. We seek to accomplish this in ways that: 

Reading those words you would be right to suspect that we are not good at changing with the times. That is because we believe that in public policy there are absolutes to which a wise leadership must adhere. 

The times, however, do change on us. Our challenges are now greater.

Please get to know us and how we are meeting those challenges. You can reach us at director@inpolicy.org. You can freely survey our work at www.inpolicy.org. You are cordially invited to meet our staff and scholars at the next seminar or at your convenience. You can help us build “a future that works” for Indiana.

The Indiana Policy Review Foundation
PO Box 5166
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46895


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