April 21, 2022

Against Modern Day Pharaohs

by Richard Moss, M.D.
With spring on its way and the world moving on from COVID, I was looking forward to attending the Passover Seder at the temple my family and I have attended for some 30 years. We have been less involved as the children have gotten older, but I wanted to reunite with old friends and celebrate our Festival of Freedom together.
Before committing, however, I inquired if the temple required masks. Happily, it did not. Alas, there was another catch: all Seder attendees needed proof of vaccination, meaning that the celebration was off-limits for my family. 
Passover is one of the central holidays of the Jewish calendar. At Passover we celebrate the Exodus, the event in which Judaism’s greatest prophet, Moses, was called by God to deliver His people, the children of Israel, from Egyptian bondage after 400 years of slavery. We recall the 10 plagues God imposed on Egypt and its ruler, Pharaoh, to break his will and force him to let the Israelites go. Yet in the midst of our great Festival of Freedom celebrating release from the harmful edicts of Pharaoh, the temple was imposing its own misguided decrees upon those who wanted to celebrate the holiday with fellow Jews. It seems they have joined with other modern-day Pharaohs.
Today’s Pharaohs shut down our economy, destroyed businesses and jobs, locked our children out of school and forced us to social distance, quarantine, test and mask. They censored and canceled those who disagreed, they stole our medical freedom and suppressed therapeutics that could have saved lives. And as my experience with the temple demonstrates, they have also pressured us to take a risky vaccine.    
Much has been written about the vaccines, their experimental nature, their emergency use authorization, and their questionable efficacy, especially as the virus continues to mutate. The adverse events associated with the vaccine — including death and serious life-threatening conditions concern many. Since the vaccine was released in December of 2020, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) credits nearly 27,000 deaths, more than 217,000 serious injuries, and some 1.2 million adverse events as a result of the vaccines. Even with these disastrous outcomes, we are still accounting for only a fraction of vaccine-related injuries, because of underreporting. All this from a vaccine for an illness with a survival rate of 99.95 percent — or less than the seasonal flu — for healthy individuals under 70.
Despite these vaccinations and their subsequent boosters, many are still infected by the virus, spread it, require hospitalization and ICU admission and die of COVID. International numbers paint a particularly dismal picture. In the United Kingdom., 77 percent of COVID deaths in those over 70 are triple-vaccinated, while 80 percent of severe cases in Israel are among the fully vaccinated. 
By contrast, the continent of Africa has a low vaccination rate (11 percent) but far lower rates of COVID deaths than the U.S. and other advanced nations, all of which are heavily vaccinated. Nigeria, for example, has vaccinated roughly 8 percent of its 200 million population. It has a COVID death rate of 15 per million, while the U.S. has a death rate of more than 3,000, one of the worst in the world.
Then there is the matter of natural immunity, which is far more durable and robust than the weak, transient immunity obtained from the vaccines. More than 40 percent of Americans — including my family — have already had the virus. Given this information, one wonders why the temple would require previously infected individuals to have the vaccine before attending.
Another important point to consider is that the vaccine is still experimental, rushed through the approval process in the midst of a pandemic and without the benefit of long-term studies. It generally takes four to six years to bring a vaccine to market. What safeguards were bypassed in the rush to produce a vaccine for COVID? Early release of the data from clinical trials by the FDA (initially to be hidden for 75 years until reversed by a court order) showed that there were more than 1200 deaths in the Pfizer trials, among other significant issues. That alone should have prevented the vaccine from ever being released to the public.  
We know that the original COVID viral strain that likely emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China—with funding from our own National Institutes of Health — has mutated multiple times. The current COVID strain is several generations removed from the original, making the vaccines outdated and ineffective against Omicron. Indeed, they may have negative efficacy.  
But even if the ineffectiveness and harm of the vaccines wasn’t an issue, there is still the critical matter of medical freedom, bodily autonomy and the right of individuals to choose which medicine or treatment people wish to take. This is particularly so under the circumstances of an experimental vaccine. Does not the temple agree that individuals, made in the image of God and blessed with powers of reason, should have ultimate authority over which medicines or gene therapies they introduce into their bodies? One would think that, given our knowledge of the medical experimentation carried out on fellow Jews in Nazi death camps by Josef Mengele, it would be considered immoral to mandate individuals take any medicine, vaccine or gene therapy as a condition for attending a religious service.
Finally, I asked my temple what Moses would say to today’s Pharaohs. How would Moses respond to a temple that mandated a vaccine as a condition for attending a Seder?  
“Let my people go,” Moses would say, as he said to the Pharaoh. “Let my people go to our Festival of Freedom, our feast of unleavened bread, to celebrate our redemption, our liberation from slavery and tyrants, at our Seder with fellow Jews, free of mandates, lockdowns, closures, and wicked decrees.” Let my people go were the words of Moses and have been the words of the Jewish people since.  
We all should embrace those words.
Richard Moss, M.D., a board-certified surgeon in Jasper, is the author of “A Surgeon’s Odyssey” and “Matilda’s Triumph,” available on Contact him at or Richard Moss, M.D. on Facebook, YouTube, Rumble, Twitter, Parler, Gab, Gettr, TruthSocial and Instagram.


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