Sounding the Alarm

November 6, 2020

WITH THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS in the hands of lawyers and partisan election officials we have the time to ponder the relative silence of the Hoosier congressional delegation, our direct and only line to Washington. In that regard, consider this, a statement on the week’s events from Claremont’s the American Mind:

“If Republicans let this happen without pushing to ensure all applicable laws were and are now being followed they can forget about winning contested states and therefore national elections. The new rule, the new “norm” for the Democrats, will forever be what they did last night: “If an election is close we stop all the counting for a while until we can figure out what’s going on.” But Republicans do not have to let it happen.

“The Republican Party at the state, national and regional level and their lawyers need to demand explanation and investigation of every vote in every disputed state. Swarms of lawyers must push for transparency in all the Democratic city machines now churning out votes for Biden. Lawsuits must be filed and recounts demanded. The FBI and other relevant law enforcement authorities should scrutinize every aspect of the process and offer rewards for reporting wrongdoing . . .

“All weak sisters on the right must be called out. In military doctrine, psychological operations only work on a populace that is already experiencing a defeat. They backfire when conducted against resilient and confident foes. The media and the left right now are trying to defeat and demoralize half the country under the guise of ‘democracy’ and disingenuous cries of ‘just count the votes.’ After the last six months, the last 30 years, the last damned century — conservatives and Republicans who lack steely resolve need to be called out and cast aside for those who will fight. There is no time to lose. We have already detailed what the Democrats want to happen next. The playbook is already written, but it is not yet fully executed. It can be stopped if Republicans act together — now — to stop it.”


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