Paradise Lost: A History of the Next 200 Years

October 30, 2020

The following historical document from the year 2220 came into the reporter’s possession via a fortuitous tear in the fabric of the time-space continuum.  — Dr. John Gaski

 (November 2220) — The socialist takeover of the United States in 2020-21 actually began half a century earlier when the left took over higher education, followed soon by capture of secondary and even primary schools.  This allowed the liberal-Democrat-socialists to indoctrinate America’s youth for two whole generations.  (The U.S. socialist/communist movement in the 20th Century always predicted that its ultimate victory would be actualized through the Democrat Party, without Americans even knowing it was happening.)  

Two other pieces of the lib-Dem-socialist (LibDemSoc hereafter) national cognitive infrastructure sabotage were (1) dumbing-down of public school students so they would be vulnerable to leftist sophistry and (2) flushing of moral values from curricula (because values-oriented citizens tended to vote conservative Republican).  Mission largely accomplished even before 2020, but the contrived public ignorance advantage favoring Democrats in U.S. elections eventually became insurmountable.  

Commandeering of the mass media was also proceeding by the same half-century-prior pivot point, but not fully activated.  For instance, the ultra-liberal Walter Cronkite and comrades at least played their reporting half-straight to mask their bias.  Long before 2020, though, the gloves came off, all pretenses were dropped, and American voters were subjected to a near-monopoly of propaganda from “news” sources functioning as shameless mouthpieces of the far left.  As a result, conservatives and Republicans grew more beleaguered and, by 2020, that side’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump, never had a chance.  

Following the election of Trump’s nominal opponent, Joe Biden, things happened fast.  Of course, the Democrats stole and fabricated millions of votes, so we will never know who really won, but Biden was certified as victor.  President Biden was not permitted to remain in office for long, though, removed under 25th-Amendment guise and replaced with another figurehead, whose name is lost to history, by the LibDemSoc power structure—including someone named George Soros whose identity is also murky to historians.  

Specific events born of the 2020 election, leading to the demise of the United States, are covered in the following.  As prelude, the LibDemSoc strategy that destroyed the country was basically the same as used to gain the election—and as used by communist and socialist forerunners in Russia and Germany about 100 and 90 years earlier, respectively: the Big Lie and mass violence.  In this case, the two were often combined.  For example, LibDemSoc riots before the critical election were blamed on the opponent, and the brain-dead public bought the canard.  Now, how it all played out:  

•Statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and packing of the Supreme Court, which gave the LibDemSoc amalgam absolute control over the federal government, were secondary issues.  The kill shot was legalizing the 20 million illegal aliens as reliable LibDemSoc voters.  This made it impossible for any Republican to win at the national level ever again, establishing a permanent, one-party, leftist dictatorship that would have endured far into the future if the country had had a future.  (U.S. citizens should have pondered the disastrous nature of every leftist dictatorship in world history before they elected one.)  

•The LibDemSoc faction regarded the U.S. Constitution as a frivolous impediment so they shredded it, with the imprimatur of their partisan high court.  Again, U.S. voters should have seen the long-standing LibDemSoc violent intolerance of dissent as precursor of the cancellation of freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, etc.  Naturally, all criticism of LibDemSoc ideology or policy was prosecuted as “hate speech,” as was much religious doctrine.  

•The political revenge trials and re-education camps beginning in 2021 were reminiscent of the world’s other tyrannical models, but the parallel was lost on the ignorant Americans.  In fact, the first political patron of a previous U.S. president (Barack Obama), a radical terrorist named Bill Ayers, had predicted about 30 million political “liquidations” necessary upon socialist takeover of America, but the populace ignored that harbinger as well.  (An American president closely associated with a terrorist and the nation’s people still didn’t get it!)  

•Even the LibDemSoc leaders were naïve, which led to their own undoing.  Having collaborated with Russians to try to influence the 2016 election and then successfully colluding with the Chinese Communist Party in 2020, they foresaw a continued partnership—blithely underestimating the world domination appetite of the CCP.  China’s subsequent bio-nuclear-cyber-electromagnetic attack on the U.S. left the remnants of the nation merely a Chinese raw materials colony until the present day.  Why did the U.S. not retaliate?  The LibDemSoc rulers really believed their country was evil and deserved the punishment of destruction.  Besides, the military was disarmed unilaterally under Biden.  

•It remains astounding that the U.S. public as of 2020 did not put two and two together and perceive that China had unleashed the Covid virus upon the world entirely for the purpose of electing Joe Biden.  A few years later when the re-engineered Covid fatally infected America, perhaps some of the survivors realized what had been done to them.  (Surviving Democrats never did.  They kept blaming Donald Trump.) The Chinese Covid scheme worked like a charm.  

•An especially poetic touch has been China’s use of ISIS and al-Qaeda volunteers as U.S. territory street cops to control the few living descendants of the former population.  (The tormented subjects might not use the word “poetic.”)  ISIS and al-Qaeda were natural choices for such duty because of their effective and enthusiastic work in the post-Islamization phase of the geography formerly known as Europe, and mop-up operations after Iran’s thermonuclear annihilation of Israel in 2024.  (Another irony is that the prior Obama-Biden regime in the U.S. had given Iran the financial wherewithal to wage the attack that killed six million Israeli Jews.)  

*  *  *

Two centuries into what is called the Sino-Millennium—which Western survivors think of as Dark Ages II—we can still appreciate the golden age that the originally constituted United States of America embodied.  (Another Democrat tactic of the American period was to deny their country’s unmatched greatness.  Historians still wrestle with how that approach could have been so effective politically.)  

Some modern scholars hold that the American tragedy merely reflects a routine case of the evolution, decline, and fall of nations, i.e., mass weakness in the ending throes of a national life-cycle.  Yet it need not have happened to the U.S.  The tragic flaw seems to have been the left’s subversion of public education in 20th century America.  If not for the abandonment of values and standards in the schooling of two successive generations of U.S. citizens just prior to their democracy’s fall, a better-educated citizenry would not have ignorantly succumbed to the fatuous and blatant hoaxes of liberal Democrat/socialist politicians at such crossroad times, especially the fateful and fatal 2020 election.  An honest media would have helped, too, but they were in league with the “Democrats.”  

Certainly the Covid weapon launched by the Chinese in the decisive run-up year had the intended effect, and the LibDemSoc allies benefited enough, temporarily, to blunder their country into doom.  Indeed, the slow-motion national suicide wrought by the LibDemSoc cult became a literal case of assisted suicide.  Incidentally, the new regime’s celebratory dynamiting of the sacred Mount Rushmore occurred at the exact temporal midpoint between Biden’s inauguration and America’s full termination in 2025.  

Many lessons permeate the end of American history, such as how easily a great power can crumble.  It is tempting to wish to ask American voters of that early 21st Century era, if we could, “How could you be so stupid?”  Alas, we know the answer:  They couldn’t help it.  Their soon-to-be dictators―the last domestic American rulers―made them that way, at least enough of them, and that condition not only set the process in motion but sealed their fate.  

R.I.P., USA.  You had something special, the closest thing to a real Shangri-La that our world will ever see, and which we, the “honest historian underground,” continue to admire vicariously.  


The real author is a long-time registered Democrat.  Pre-rebuttal to any who disagree with the forecast:  It is a minimalist extrapolation of present facts and trends.  


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