Suit Against IU alleges Violation of Public Records Act

July 4, 2020

MARGARET MENGE, an alumnus of Indiana University, has filed a complaint against the university in Monroe County Circuit Court alleging violation of the state public records law. Menge, a freelance journalist, is researching the policy of state universities regarding students from China.

According to the complaint, the university denied Menge’s request for emails unless her formal request stated both the sender and recipient. This, she argues, violates the letter and spirit of the Indiana Access to Public Records Act, Indiana Code 5-14-3). Menge quotes the code in a summary of her complaint:

“Preventing disclosure of emails that don’t state both the sender and receiver and key words and a very limited time frame would certainly prevent citizens from access to “full and complete information regarding the affairs of government . . .” and would in fact make it possible for public agencies and entities to shield almost all of their activities, policy-making and affairs from public view.”

A copy of the complaint, filed July 2, 2020, can be found here using the password “MMENGE”.


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