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May 26, 2020

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Coming in the summer journal . . .

Wednesday Whist | Minding Chesterton’s Fence (Morris)
Cover Essay | The Soul of Civil Disobedience (Franke)
Schansberg | Hobbits Wardrobes and World Wars
Special Report | Deaths of Despair, Journalism, Men and Women (McGowan)
Morris | Pierre the Cat, a Diversion / Choose . . . While You Still Can / Indiana’s Branding Problem / My Local Newspaper, RIP / COVID-19 ‘Normal’ Insanity / Thoreau Quarantined / Calamity and Lost Liberty / Serenity in Times of Trouble / Stupidity Is Also Contagious / Goodbye, Indiana BeachBackgrounders | Penny-Pinching in a Crisis; Populism: The Good, the Bad (M. Keating); Degeneration of the News, COVID-19 and the USPS, The ‘Progressives,’ The Co-Morbidity of Debt, ‘Stimulus,’ A COVID-19 Basic Income, Virus to Test Eduction’s Worth (Schansberg); When Red State Governors Act Blue, Rethinking the ‘Deplorables,’ Armageddon for Red China (Moss); The Myth of Universal Testing, The Coming New ‘Normal’ (Bisson); The Media’s Macabre Dance (Gaski); A Government in the Way (Pickerill); The Myth of Marketplace Chaos, Inflationary Economics of the Black Death (Van Cott); City Business as Usual? The Virus and City Finance (Arp); Phase II of the Coronavirus Struggle (Teevan)The Franke Bookshelf | The conservative Sensibility, Great Society, Eight Days at Yalta, The Ruling Class, Pax Romana, What Ifs of American History
The Outstater | Nixon’s Revenge / Bluebird-ology / When Government Breaks a Promise / Our Little Bighorn / The Virus ‘Washed Ups’ / Preserving ‘Journalism’ / A Bolt of Sanity Out of the Eco-Devo Blue / Holcomb to the Ramparts / Save Us From Our Saviors


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