‘Unleash Leo’ 2020

September 20, 2019

THE FOUNDATION NEEDS YOUR HELP continuing the weekly column of veteran newsman Leo Morris. If you mark your $50 annual membership fee “Unleash Leo” we will add another three months to the subscription. Leo’s voice is essential to the Indiana public discussion.

A Vietnam veteran and a son of the coal mines, Leo describes himself as a libertarian-conservative hybrid and a grouch â€œby experience rather than inclination.” With four decades in Indiana newsrooms, he knows how Indiana works — and doesn’t. His column continues to be aimed at a statewide readership, hitting especially hard at the self-satisfied of officialdom wherever he finds them. 

In asking for your support, we can say this about Morris, named best editorial writer by the Hoosier Press Association and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize: If he hasn’t raised a given policy issue in Indiana, it hasn’t been properly raised; that is, in a way conducive to rational discussion and resolution.

And between the lines of expert policy analysis is the personal, often humorous, insight that comes with 40 years in the news business.

To unleash Leo again this year, link HERE to use PayPal or your credit card account or mail your check to the Indiana Policy Review, PO Box 5166, Fort Wayne, IN 46895. Again, please mark your donation “Unleash Leo.”


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