The GOP Devisiveness Quiz

January 11, 2016

Whether you agree or disagree with these assertions, they tend to demarcate the Republican Party today:

  1. Current levels of immigration benefit the country.
  2. The U.S. should not restrict immigration by persons from predominately Muslim countries.
  3. Persons in the country illegally should be accorded a path to citizenship.
  4. The U.S. ought to commit thousands of ground troops to the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
  5. Bombing Libya advanced American interests.
  6. Medicare Part D was a good idea.
  7. No Child Left Behind was a good idea.
  8. Common Core reflects sound educational policy.
  9. Medicaid coverage should be extended to cover the working poor.
  10. Gay marriage should be embraced as the welcome result of greater inclusiveness.
  11. The denial of personal services to LGBT persons on grounds of religious belief should be prohibited by law.
  12. It should be unlawful to deny transgender persons any rights or privileges accorded to other persons of the same professed gender.
  13. Public subsidies of carefully selected beneficiaries are a sound way to grow the economy.
  14. The Export-Import Bank is a legitimate function of the federal government, creates jobs and makes the US more competitive in foreign markets.
  15. NAFTA and subsequent free-trade agreements have benefited American workers.
  16. Racial preferences create greater opportunity for minorities by reducing racial disparities in education and employment.
  17. If afforded the opportunity by a convention of states, three-fourths of the states will ratify a constitutional balanced budget amendment.
  18. Insuring farmers against market losses is a reasonable undertaking by the federal government.
  19. Government subsidies for green-energy projects are sound investments in the future.
  20. Public-Private Partnerships are more cost efficient and accountable than traditionally financed public works projects. — Tom Charles Huston

Scoring “Yes” Responses:
0 to 5: Embarrassed to admit your answer
6-10: Was for Pence before RFRA
11-15: Volunteer for Jeb
16-20: Candidate for Chamber of Commerce gold medallion


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