The Spring Journal: ‘Why Politics Turned Nasty’

February 20, 2014

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“The narcissism of my generation — the baby boomers — has become a permanent feature of our culture. An ‘it’s all about me’ attitude extends beyond materialistic selfishness. It also fuels intellectual and moral arrogance. The ‘I’m always right, I never lie, and I am a morally superior creature’ posture comes naturally to the self-absorbed person. A logical extension of this view is that those who disagree with me must be liars as well as my intellectual and moral inferiors.” — Cecil Bohanon, Ph.D.

“The problem of undertaking to make opportunity ‘more equal’ is identical to the problem of making life ‘more fair.’ ‘More’ is not subject to objective determination. It is inherently subjective and, thus, open to argument.” — Tom Charles Huston

“The philosophies considered cures or alternatives to racism were postmodernism and multiculturalism. Neither made good on its promise. Multiculturalism couldn’t figure out who it wanted to be when it grew up; postmodernism couldn’t sail the high seas of real social issues because it had no anchor.”The Rev. Larry Merino, Ph.D


The Tuesday Lunch | ‘One Cheer for the GOP?’
Bohanon | ‘Why Politics Turned Nasty’
Huston | ‘The Sharpton Problem’
Huston | ‘Invasion of the Neocons’
Neal | ‘Without History We Have Only Misology’
Merino | ‘Tyranny of Community; The Decline of Racism’
Gaski | ‘Beware Those Who Crave Power; They Have Their Reasons’
Shutt | ‘A Brief Cultural Genealogy and Apologia’
Keatings | ‘Where Are the Young Workers; What Are They Doing?’
Indiana at 200 | Abe Lincoln; the Harmonites; violence at Pigeon Roost; Tippecanoe; Swiss wine; Lewis and Clark
Backgrounders | Obamacare; judicial sentencing; pharmaceuticals; cursive; minimum wage; measuring poverty; the mission of education; mass transportation; business property; redevelopment
The Outstater | Racial journalism; the super boosters; Hannan’s ‘revolution’; the preschool cynic; ‘unintended’ consequences; municipal priorities
The Reality Check | ‘Are We Color Blind Yet?’



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