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April 3, 2024

Holcomb ‘Predicts’ an Eclipse

YOU CAN MAKE  too much of this, but that Gov. Eric Holcomb has to declare a state of emergency to get us through an event fully understood for four centuries is pathetic — necessary, perhaps, given the state of society, but pathetic.

Tens of thousand of visitors are expected to gather in Indiana cities along the path of the shadow caused by the upcoming solar eclipse, a simple occultation. One would hope it would be an occasion to celebrate the scientific understanding that Western Civilization has wrought. Hail to Johannes Kepler!

More likely, though, it will involve binge drinking as if we were Norse barbarians viewing the wolf gods Sköll and Hati catching and devouring the moon.

If there is a justifiable reason to formally recognize the event it would be by statists for the installation to supremacy of their god, Big Government. Holcomb’s austere pronouncement reads like an incantation to the statehouse powers to save us, as only they can, from an event as mysterious and unfathomable as the national debt, something only officialdom’s high priests have the gift to interpret. 

Historically and in mythology, however, eclipses were viewed by the heathen not as a moment of salvation but as the death of their particular god and a time of agonizing reappraisal. Or so I will hope as I sit it out secure in my study with my sleeping dog at my feet and a copy of Kepler’s “Astronomia Nova” on the coffee table. — tcl


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