1. Ganahl: The Gantt Chart

December 6, 2023

Democracy at any level is complex. Not everyone can handle the details. If you want to try, you will have to get organized right now. A good way to do that is to begin a Gantt chart (example above) in which a series of horizontal lines shows the amount of work done in certain periods of time in relation to the time planned. Download a Gantt template or just pencil one in on an envelope, but make one. Dr. Ganahl’s one-year countdown below serves as a list of sequential tasks that can be incorporated into your more or less detailed custom Gantt.

By Dennis Ganahl, PH.D. 

One-year Countdown (12 months)

Research Phase

Two hundred-and seventy-day Countdown (Nine months)

Two hundred-and forty-day Countdown (Eight months)

One hundred-and eighty-day Countdown (Six months)

One hundred-and fifty-day Countdown (Five months)

Ninety-day Countdown (Three months)

Sixty-day Countdown (Two months)

Thirty-day Countdown (One month)

Twenty-one-Day Countdown (Three weeks)

Fourteen-Day Countdown (Two weeks)

Seven Day Countdown (One week)

Poll Day (Election Day)


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