Indiana Social Capital Scores by County

August 16, 2023

CountyOverall County SCIFamily Unity Community Health Institutional HealthCollective Efficacy 
Adams County, Indiana79946363-1
Allen County, Indiana4643316932
Bartholomew County, IN6567446562
Benton County, Indiana73518169-1
Blackford County, IN6441575791
Boone County, Indiana8994428993
Brown County, Indiana7128548297
Carroll County, Indiana7468566683
Cass County, Indiana6235486389
Clark County, Indiana275021698
Clay County, Indiana4772526213
Clinton County, Indiana6565546355
Crawford County, IN6643617268
Daviess County, Indiana7090554358
Dearborn County, IN8165468792
Decatur County, Indiana57475863-1
DeKalb County, Indiana6767506072
Delaware County, IN3838404634
Dubois County, Indiana7788708424
Elkhart County, Indiana3653345119
Fayette County, Indiana34155555-1
Floyd County, Indiana6347298063
Fountain County, Indiana64426772-1
Franklin County, Indiana8380508095
Fulton County, Indiana7662656986
Gibson County, Indiana7679567169
Grant County, Indiana298464755
Greene County, Indiana6960624695
Hamilton County, IN9298269396
Hancock County, Indiana8285358389
Harrison County, Indiana7566547482
Hendricks County, IN7382188458
Henry County, Indiana5723515497
Howard County, Indiana4626417338
Huntington County, IN7886626671
Jackson County, Indiana6061576440
Jasper County, Indiana56554763-1
Jay County, Indiana7357785675
Jefferson County, IN33116257-1
Jennings County, Indiana4561345924
Johnson County, Indiana5769237337
Knox County, Indiana6859585683
Kosciusko County, IN5665426138
LaGrange County, IN7999642387
Lake County, Indiana2115226514
LaPorte County, Indiana4224385457
Lawrence County, IN4854555229
Madison County, Indiana4331316048
Marion County, Indiana2854601
Marshall County, Indiana6758566174
Martin County, Indiana5334776823
Miami County, Indiana5758483971
Monroe County, Indiana4762384933
Montgomery County, IN5076635315
Morgan County, Indiana58573970-1
Newton County, Indiana7175396185
Noble County, Indiana6360434787
Ohio County, Indiana81866774-1
Orange County, Indiana71597467-1
Owen County, Indiana68866250-1
Parke County, Indiana6333714593
Perry County, Indiana6248565970
Pike County, Indiana8590708159
Porter County, Indiana7071227579
Posey County, Indiana7266578442
Pulaski County, Indiana7884796448
Putnam County, Indiana6859644390
Randolph County, IN6730705897
Ripley County, Indiana8277746787
Rush County, Indiana7660716787
St. Joseph County, IN3427316723
Scott County, Indiana6079494940
Shelby County, Indiana3635395924
Spencer County, Indiana9395768299
Starke County, Indiana6261365279
Steuben County, Indiana7158556192
Sullivan County, Indiana6443675475
Switzerland County, IN57187077-1
Tippecanoe County, IN3853263935
Tipton County, Indiana7879487971
Union County, Indiana73726967-1
Vanderburgh County, IN2820485718
Vermillion County, IN6025716370
Vigo County, Indiana3725484442
Wabash County, Indiana7146706191
Warren County, Indiana54294876-1
Warrick County, Indiana7184297849
Washington County, IN52475457-1
Wayne County, Indiana3317555232
Wells County, Indiana8375508197
White County, Indiana8292635983
Whitley County, Indiana7662517594


  • […] The Keatings cite a study by the Joint Economic Committee, “The Geography of Social Capital in America,” that ranks states and even counties by their social capital score using available measures of social capital (the criteria is explained in the upcoming fall journal). Indiana ranks a disappointing 23rd in the nation. You can look up your county’s score here. […]

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