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June 20, 2023

In advance of the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, we are making a special request for $1,000 donations. We intend to produce “An Agenda for the 2020s” that examines public policy issues of our day through a lens informed by the Declaration. We are $10,000 from our goal. We will not be asking for more or asking for support for other projects these next 12 months. If we don’t do this for Indiana nobody else will.

Every issue since the first issue, The Indiana Policy Review has included the Declaration of Independence on its title page. That is because we believe that the Declaration, more than the Constitution, and certainly more than the 300,000 laws now on the federal books, defines the great experiment in liberty that is the United States of America.

The year 2026 gives our membership, the country and its citizens the opportunity to reflect anew on the Declaration as we celebrate its semisesquicentennial (an event that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to honor). The truths of the Declaration, especially those securing the interrelated freedoms of religion, property and speech, are critical to Indiana’s prosperity and well-being.

Your tax-exempt donation will be used for a publication modeled after “The Indiana Mandate: An Agenda for the 1990s” that set forth an ambitious policy agenda for Indiana three decades ago with prescient talking points and action steps. This new Mandate will be edited by longtime columnist and historian Andrea Neal and will open with a set of essays by our scholars reflecting on the rights of life, liberty and property today. The cover is illustrated by our friend, the national political cartoonist Gary Varvel (see artwork above).

This manual for good government will be organized into topical sections with discussion of policies and positions that align with principles in the Declaration. The sections will include education, free enterprise, the environment and sanctity of life, to name a few.

All state legislators will receive a complimentary copy as will foundation donors. Also, participants in our 2023 Christmas Seminar will be able to attend an advance briefing during the “No Name Tag” event on Dec. 8 in the Ford Room at the Charley Creek Inn of Wabash.

That is the plan. Again, we are asking you to concentrate your annual donations on this single project. It is our most important work to date. — tcl

“An Agenda for the 2020s”
PO Box 5166
Fort Wayne, IN 46895


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