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April 20, 2023

Don’t Give Up on the Democratic Process Just Yet

THE APPROVAL RATING of Congress is 10 percent. The incumbency rating is 90 percent. What does democracy mean in that context?

There have been nagging doubts for 300 years that something is wrong with the system. It is clearly vulnerable to manipulation by scalawags and the self-serving. “Remember, democracy never lasts long,” warned John Adams. “It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” “Beautiful only in theory,” said Benito Mussolini.

I can fix all that (sarcasm alert).

For starters, disenfranchise cisgender white males beginning with any whose ancestry can be traced to 1619. Nobody will object.

Just to be sure, block anyone raised in a nuclear family or who has read a catechism.

Now, limit the franchise to those remaining who have been a citizen for at least 40 years and who own the equivalent of 50-acres of land, pay taxes on all of it and receive no government benefit, especially employment.

Require a history test administered by Victor Davis Hanson,

Exclude anyone who has visited London or Paris and claims to have been broadened by the experience. Or San Francisco. Or suburban Maryland.

No political action committees. Campaign donations must be declared by an individual. Violators to be thrown in the public stocks.

Voting is in-person only with passport-level identification.

Beer and wine are welcome at the polling stations. (What have we got to lose?)

Move the national capitol to Hastings, Nebraska.

Abolish the political parties. Draft Supreme Court justices off the street. Allow state legislatures to choose U.S. senators.

Oh, and all public officials are limited to a single two-year term without pay or pension or staff.

There, that should do it. — tcl


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