Eichenberger: Will We Let Science and Logic Die?

March 24, 2023

by Dan Eichenberger M.D., MBA

Never before have we witnessed first-hand such a rapid degradation of reality. Common sense seems to have died long ago, but now logic and science are also on their deathbeds. The prognosis that can be revived is yet to be tested. Their deaths directly relate to the “post-modern” worldview, which believes truth is relative and cannot be known. In today’s increasingly secular environment, we are told, “That may be your truth; but it is not mine.”, or “Truth is Relative.” We realize both statements are self-defeating if we utilize our critical thinking skills. They both make a “truth claim” that contradicts itself.

So, the next time someone tells you, “Truth is relative,” simply ask them, “Is that true?” Stating truth is relative is an absolute truth statement. The laws of logic (the law of noncontradiction) state “A” cannot equal “Non-A.” Both statements cannot be true at the same time. The same logic applies to the second truth claim. If truth is absolute, it cannot be true for you and not for me. We don’t define truth; we discover truth. Truth is God-given and unchanging, no matter how our secular society defines things.

Words matter. Changing definitions of things that are objectively true doesn’t alter the underlying truth. There are two kinds of truth. One depends on our opinion of things. This is called subjective truth. If I say my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip or my favorite color is blue, these are examples of subjective truths. They are true for me. Objective truth, however, depends on the way the world actually is. An example of objective truth is 2+2=4. The law of gravity is objectively true whether you believe it or not. You will not suddenly float away if you don’t believe in gravity. It is objectively true for all people at all times.

The laws of logic are one of our methods of discovering truth.

Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines “logic” as follows:

Truth is an objective feature of the world we live in. It’s foundational to reality itself. We are grounded in truth by utilizing logical principles and not falling into logical fallacies. Denying truth is denying reality and typically leads to bad outcomes. However, many people today believe that redefining objectively true things somehow changes the underlying truth. The redefined terms enable individuals to rationalize behaviors and feel better about themselves subjectively. It also provides a mechanism to weaponize words and language and succumb to irrational and illogical political and social agendas.

These past several years demonstrated the decline in the acknowledgment of objective truth. We repeatedly heard the phrase “follow the science.” However, because of the epidemic’s weaponization, basic science and logic principles were virtually eliminated. We have a hundred-plus years of medical science, immunology, virology, disease effects, etc.; however, because of “agendas,” we disregarded known truths to sustain political and monetary objectives. We see similar weaponization of fundamental biologic truths regarding sex and gender. The only science many follow is “political science” and “social science,” which propagates the rapid death of logic and genuine scientific inquiry.

Some things are logically impossible based on the truth of what we know to correspond with science and reality. It is logically impossible to have a square circle. It is logically impossible to have a married bachelor. It is also logically impossible to have a trans-woman or trans-man. Redefining terms in no way redefines truth.

Every human has a genotype which is their genetic makeup from their chromosomes. The genotype determines their genetic potential and limitations. The genotype begins at conception, continues through embryonic development, and lasts through adulthood. The individual’s genotype does not change based on how you feel or what you believe.

Every human also has a phenotype which is the individual’s observable characteristics. Phenotypes result from the interaction of their genotype (total genetic inheritance) and with the environment in which they live. Phenotypes can change based on environmental factors. These would be more microevolutionary changes, such as an individual’s height, hair color, skin pigmentation, etc. However, cross-dressing, hormone manipulation, and surgical procedures may change an outward appearance, but it still doesn’t change the intrinsic genotype and phenotype of the individual.

The objective truth based on logic and science is that individuals are genotypically and phenotypically either male or female and develop into adult men or women. There is no logical or scientific basis for a trans-man or trans-woman. Redefining the words of male, female, man, and woman does not change the underlying truth. These individuals are either masculinized females or feminized males. Pushing back against these radical ideologies is essential to resuscitate logic and science. We must refrain from allowing our language to be hijacked by these leftists. Again, truth matters.

Dan Eichenberger, M.D., is an Indiana native with 30 years’ experience as a primary care physician, physician executive and healthcare consultant. He is the recipient of the Indiana University Southeast Chancellors’ Medallion. In recent years he has taken as his mission is to provide excellent, personal care to his patients, grounded in strong Christian principles, and to re-establish a primary care medical practice dedicated to the doctor-patient relationship with the primary goal of personalized care, the way medicine once was.


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