The Outstater

December 16, 2022

The Secret to Reelection: Money and Malleability 

SOME HOLD HOPE that the Indiana Republican Party in its supermajority or even democracy in general is going to get us back on course. That hope doesn’t appear to float.

Transparency USA tells us that the top three Indiana GOP Senate fundraisers all won reelection outspending their opponents in both the primary and general elections by at least 2:1. Their positions on the issues didn’t seem to be a factor. All three scored below 50 percent on, a measure of core Republican issues, including and especially protection of private property and personally liberty.

To our shame, special-interest money and incumbency are the primary factors in election. But shouldn’t it matter just a tiny bit that these high-riding Republicans vote only marginally better than Democrats? And considering the state of mass media, does the electorate even know that is the case?

Tell me again what’s wrong with term limits. — tcl


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