Zoom Meeting

August 23, 2022

WE ARE PUTTING TOGETHER a group to think about campaigning, both political and civic. We call it “Foothold,” and your participation in an upcoming Zoom meeting is important.

As you know, the electorate is roiling, especially at the local level and within the Republican Party. There is doubt that the old campaign rules apply. The consultants we know seem to be stuck a couple of election cycles back.

The foundation has retained Dr. Dennis Ganahl to help us sort this out. This summer, Dennis guided an upset in Missouri’s 101st House District legislative primary, defeating a longtime member of the GOP establishment by almost 10 points despite a 10-to-1 spending disadvantage.

We think insights from that campaign can be applied to Indiana. In any case, with so much at stake it is important to exchange ideas and observations, tactics and strategies.

We have scheduled a Zoom meeting for 9 a.m. Thursday Sept. 8. Please let us know by email if you can join us and we will send you the zoom link.


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