The Fall Journal Is on Its Way

August 26, 2022

If you haven’t already donated this year, please click HERE to update your membership and receive advance copies of the quarterly journal. Your support makes possible the journal, policy seminars and our weekly backgrounders and columns. The fall journal (previewed below) will begin regular distribution Sept. 22.

‘HOW DID undermining local government’s tax base come to be viewed as an essential tool in local government’s economic development toolkit? In essence, that’s what happened in the case we examined. Redevelopment commissions appear happy to count their riches and pursue their plans while local taxing units are blind to this, as are the local media and thus the general public.” — Tom Heller in the upcoming journal

Wednesday Whist | Roe vs. Wade and ‘Moral Standing’ (McGowan)
Cover Essays | Lifting the Veil of an Indiana TIF (Heller)
Special Reports | ‘Affordable’ Housing Won’t Come From Washington (Arp); Paying-to-Play in Indiana (Robeson)
Schansberg | Be Careful Assessing Abortion Law / The Great Society / The Children of Men / A Disastrous, Immoral U.S. Debt
Morris | Tracking ‘The Big Lie’ / The Cool Kids’ Table / Abortion, Going Forward / America, What Will It Be? / Government Transportation / A Not-So-Special Session / The Court and Balance / The Last of the ‘Keepers’ / The Legislative Remedy / My ‘Not You’ Nickname / Opinion Moves to Page One / On-the-Job Versus Diploma
Franke | Quo Vadis, Conservatism? / The Warts of Democracy / The Government We Deserve / What Happened to Summer Vacation? / Children Still Read Books / NIMBY Is Alive and Well / The Idylls of Suburban Life / Virtue’s Disappearance / Detours Around the Education Train Wreck / The Crack in Our Liberty Bell / Jimmy Carter Days Are Here Again
The Bookshelf | Power and Liberty / American Rebels / Hamilton’s Blessing / Prince Albert / Fat Boy and Champagne Salesman
The Outstater | Argument by Emotion / Squaring the Roundabout / An Army of One / Sudden History / The ‘Creative’ Class / Celebrating Mad Anthony / One Man, One Vote, Once / Be Ohio, Not Indiana / Sen. Young to the Ramparts / A Political Forecast You Can Bet On / We’re All RINOs Now / Reimagining the Indy Star


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