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June 1, 2022

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Changing Patterns in K-12 Education

THE CENTRALIZATION of K-12 operating expenses has standardized per-student spending, with the downside that curriculum and disciplinary standards in Indiana’s district schools may be less in line with local preferences. Hoosier state lawmakers are responding to interest groups’ pressure in allocating funds based on family income, students’ academic potential and the decreasing percentage of resident taxpayers with young children. Local referendums supplement state funding, but there is no assurance that this will result in increasing the human resources needed for quality education. Meanwhile, municipalities and school corporations struggle with the costs of federal and state regulations and in funding their pension obligations. K-12 options are a realistic means of addressing these issues. Nonprofit and profit-seeking institutions are adapting to changes in K-12 funding. The introduction of vouchers for which only some families qualify complicates the tuition burden and private subsidies at nonprofit private schools. All schools, private and public, will need to become more transparent about their expectations for parent support, financial and otherwise. Close supervision by Indiana’s Department of Education and local school boards is essential given increased tax-funded options. Compliance, however, will consist merely in assessing full-time equivalent enrollment, instructional hours per week, the yearly calendar and financial accounting. Authorities are not on-site and lack classroom and subject expertise. Teachers of proven ability who are employing best educational practices are necessarily degraded if officials exercise excessive authority and regulation. Increased competition between schools is a cost-effective means of attaining a higher degree of quality in both public and private schools. — Maryann O. Keating in the upcoming journal

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