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April 29, 2022

Give Rokita Some Credit

CONSIDERING THE SMARM that is the Holcomb administration, this may be grasping at straws. Nonetheless, we witnessed this week a sign of actual political courage. The Indiana Attorney General is suing for documents that prove or disprove how Black Lives Matter (BLM) here says it used $90 million in charitable donations.

“The Civil Investigative Demand seeks information and documents held by the entity (Black Lives Matter) relevant to the ongoing investigation to ensure transparency to donors and guarantee funds donated by Indiana residents are used for their intended purpose and not for the personal benefit of BLM directors,” the office of Todd Rokita said.

The irony is that Rokita, a conservative Republican, is suing on behalf of people, fellow Indiana citizens, who presumably would oppose him politically. That is, he is suing on behalf of people who gave to the ultra-liberal Black Lives Matter hoping it would somehow bury the careers of people like himself but who may have been scammed in the process.

Let us pause for a moment and consider whether in this toxic cultural brew it is ethically possible for a white official to question the veracity of a black activist — for any reason, including the deception for monetary gain of those who support the activist’s activism.

The answer is absolutely not. Rokita will be dismissed as a “racist,” which deflects attention from the serious issues surrounding the management of Black Lives Matter, issues nobody wants to talk about. And here to demonstrate exactly how much they don’t want to talk about them is the Indiana Democratic Party and its response to Rokita:

“Todd Rokita’s lawsuit against Black Lives Matter has little to do with the law itself and more to do with a national partisan agenda. If Rokita really did care about the rule of law, he wouldn’t have supported the Indiana GOP’s effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election AND he would hold Republican leaders accountable for breaking election laws.”

If you understood that, you also understand why justice cannot be administered until someone of exactly the right identity mix comes along to administer it. A police chief, for instance, cannot affect the policies necessary to keep young men from killing each other unless his melanin count, ethnic culture, hair style and political instincts are matched with the killers.

That is not the way civilization works. It is the way civilization disintegrates.

Indiana citizens of all races owe Todd Rokita credit for pointing that out, and if we hadn’t given him credit here we cannot imagine where he would have received it, including and especially the upper reaches of his own political party. — tcl


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