April 20, 2022

Baseball Is Back (for Better or Worse)

by Mark Franke

Baseball is back, finally. It seems the winters here in northeast Indiana get longer and longer, or maybe it’s just that I am getting older and older.

I watched several major league baseball (MLB) games on opening weekend and last week attended my first game of the Fort Wayne TinCaps. I should be exhilarated with the start of the new season, but I am beginning to develop a love-hate relationship with my favorite sport. I should explain that my love for the purity of the game is being tempered by my increasing irritation with those who seem determined to bury America’s pastime in a grave of irrelevancy.

First, my list of things and people getting under my skin.

I do feel better now even though nobody cares what I think, at least no one in MLB’s Manhattan corporate offices. And to end this column on a high note, here is my all-too-short list of what good remains in baseball.

That may be what saves baseball: Its ethereal capability of unifying generations around a symbol of what America once was and can be again . . . unless they succeed in totally spoiling it for us perpetual kids.

Mark Franke, M.B.A., an adjunct scholar of the Indiana Policy Review and its book reviewer, is formerly an associate vice-chancellor at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.


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