IPR News: Schansberg Files in the 9th

February 12, 2022

Dr. Eric Schansberg, a founding scholar for this foundation, announces that he has filed in the GOP primary election for U.S. Representative for the 9th District. The primary, to fill an open seat, will be May 3.

Schansberg says his campaign will focus on federal government spending, the national debt, inflation, federalism at both the local and national level, and constitutional principles, especially as they apply to the First and Second Amendment. 

The candidate earned a Ph.D. in economics from Texas A&M, with a dissertation on congressional tenure and term limits. In 1995, he married Tonia Baker. They have four boys, two by adoption and two by pregnancy.

Schansberg was promoted to professor at Indiana University Southeast in 2000, He was named a Distinguished Visiting Professor at The King’s College in New York City in 2005.

His many background and white papers for the foundation can be found at www.inpolicy.org. He has written two books on public policy: “Poor Policy: How Government Harms the Poor” and “Turn Neither to the Right nor to the Left: A Thinking Christian’s Guide to Politics and Public Policy,” excerpts of which were published in the quarterly Indiana Policy Review.

Schansberg also is the author or co-author of academic articles for journals such as Regulation, Economics and Politics, Public Choice, Economic Inquiry, Social Science Quarterly, Markets and Morality and Public Finance Review

He has written popular press articles as well, including essays in the Wall Street Journal, the (Louisville) Courier-Journal, and the Indianapolis Star. His topics have included property taxes in Indiana, the history of eugenics in Indiana, and the controversy over Indiana’s 8th congressional district in 1984.

He is the author of SchansBlog and can be contacted by email at schansbergforcongress@gmail.com and at the website ericforcongress.org.


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