Half Past the Month

December 16, 2021

El Duce Would Be Pleased

THE FORT WAYNE councilman was questioning his city’s quasi-official economic development director on how a state regional grant might be used.

The first question was from whence the money ($50 million or so) had come. 

The answer led down a rabbit hole of agency acronyms to nowhere in particular but did not exclude the possibility that it was our money to begin with.

The second question was whether the executive had thought about using the money to offset the local tax burden — a sort of reverse economic development?

No, it was explained, that was not part of the program design.

Well, who designed the program?

The state.

As in fascism? the councilman wanted to know.

The Red Guard at Purdue

A GOOD CHUNK of Purdue University’s bottom line is provided by enrollment fees paid by students from China. Indeed, it is comparable to that the school receives from the Indiana Legislature. 

But these students, unlike most legislators, have pledged allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

So what happens when Purdue’s educational mission conflicts with the CCP party line?

A professor there found out when he referred to the coronavirus as coming from the Wuhan Province of China. Several students complained and his class syllabus was promptly changed. 

“He still sees no wrong with it,” a student told the campus newspaper. “I really do want him just to learn, to actually see the perspective on why it’s not OK.” 

As in Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution?


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