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November 30, 2021

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The Supermajority’s Record

“Under Republican leadership, Indiana’s disposable incomes have declined relative to the national average. Since 2000, the state ranks a dismal 46th in median wage growth, and the growth in median earnings has been at only half the rate of the rest of the country. Only 42 percent of workers in the state earn a living wage (adjusted for cost of living) and have employer-provided health insurance. Some of this poor performance may be due to the composition of the state’s economy. Indiana is heavily dependent on manufacturing, with 17.1 percent of its jobs in the manufacturing sector, by far the largest share of any state. And much of this industry has been squeezed by foreign competition in recent decades. The state is also home to a large and growing low-wage warehousing sector. By contrast, growth in high-wage sectors and in entrepreneurship has lagged. Republicans make excuses for the state’s low incomes by touting its low cost of living. But many places are equally cheap, including booming Sunbelt states like Tennessee. Some of these grim statistics were revealed in a series of reports commissioned through the Indiana GPS (Growing Prosperity Statewide) Project, which were prepared by the Brookings Institution and American Enterprise Institute at the request of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership. These reports also showed that Indiana’s productivity in advanced industry sectors is declining relative to other states. In part, this is because Indiana lags in technology investment. Furthermore, Indiana ranks 39th in its share of jobs in new companies, the major source of job creation, and has more old firms than young ones.” — Aaron Renn writing in the November issue of American Affairs magazine

Cover Essay | Scoring Indiana’s Legislators (Arp)
Special Reports | Indiana Under Republican Rule (Renn) / Children in Masks (Moss)
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Franke | Let Us Give Thanks for the Irritants / iGen’ers Rewriting the Constitution? / Reflections on Veterans Day / Returning Civility / Is Stupidity Dominant? / Coveting: Our Favorite Sin / The Sad End of the Boy Scouts / Absolutes Define a Culture / The Supreme Court; What’s Next? / Combining Baseball and the Army / A Non-Athletic Career / A Health Check for Patriotism
Backgrounders | K-12 Education (Schansberg) / Questioning the Jobs Rhetoric (Keating) / The History of Slavery, Muslims and 9-11 (McGowan) / Holcomb Welcomes the Afghans (Menge)
The Outstater | Voila! Democrat Violence Reduction / Article I, Section 5, Clause 21 / A Self-Destructive Polity / Indy Rime / Overrated Youth / The Stadium Game / The Jan. 6 record Set Straight / Indiana’s Equity Commissar Gets Paid / The Biden Difference / Journalism and the Lost Art of the Quirky / ‘Infrastructure’ Is an Open Spigot / Save the Babies, Don’t Pay Rent / Holcomb Opens the Door to Biden’s Conflagration

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