Mercatus to Partner with the Foundation

June 18, 2021

The Indiana Policy Review is joining in a partnership with the Mercatus Center of George Mason University to provide Indiana city councils with expert testimony on public policy issues. 

Josh Ferdelman of the center will coordinate requests from our membership and local office-holders for briefings with Mercatus scholars. The staff and adjuncts of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation can join in those briefings, which can be in person or by remote.

Researchers for the Mercatus Center, founded in 1980 in Arlington, Va., make their findings available to the media and to policymakers to connect academic learning with real-world practice. The Center’s economic “toolkit” includes the work of two scholars who were on Indiana faculties when they won Nobel Prizes, the late Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University and Vernon Smith formerly of Purdue University.

Foundation members interested in arranging a briefing for their local council on a specific topic should contact Craig Ladwig at


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