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February 24, 2021

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THE SPRING JOURNAL was commissioned after members expressed concern over the disruption of the rental market when Gov. Eric Holcomb’s used an executive order to limit property rights, specifically a moratorium on evictions. Angie Kidd of Common Grace Ministries, a private group that actually helps renters, predicted at the time that the only result of the governor’s action would be a tsunami of evictions when the moratorium was lifted. Indeed an investment company estimated that more than 40 percent of Indiana renters were in arrears during the moratorium. That reflected an impossible debt, one that otherwise would not have accumulated and subsequently an unwise reliance on the state for rental assistance. There has been a corresponding loss of income by small landlords, mom-and-pop rental properties operating on the tightest of margins and representing nearly half of all rental housing units.
Wednesday Whist | Plywood Politics

Cover Essays | The Dynamics of Property (Schansberg) / Defending Landlords (Arp) / Indianapolis Has Fallen (Moss) / The Fading Right of Private Property (Zanville) / A Victory for Pleasant Ridge (Wilson)

Keating | There Are Missing Elements in Putnam’s Latest / Coming Together on Government Debt / Parents Are Under Challenge

Schansberg | Please Stop Helping Us

Morris | The Citizenship Question Expanded / Cabin Fever Redoubled / Sniffing Out Stupidity / The Bald Eagle / A Day of Reckoning / News Filters Aren’t New / Slimming Hoosier Government / AD 2020 — the Long View / Mother Teresa and Doubt / The Hypocrisy Line / Giving Thanks for our Choices / It’s 2020 — What’s Next? / Big Government, Type 1 / Is Indiana Most Hated? / Nov. 3 Scenarios / Local Politics / The Mother of Vice Presidents

Franke | A Non-Explosive Encounter with a Bomb Squad / Loyally Opposing Biden / A Positive Thought / A New but Old List of Resolution / A Christmas Hope / A Light in the Covid Darkness / Making Sense of English / Old Enough to Vote? / We Can Be Thankful Even Now / Splitting Off Democracy as a Chimera / The Flag / The Libertarian Vote

Gaski | Paradise Lost: a History of the Last 200 Years

Backgrounders | Is Citizenship Still Worth Something? (Arp) / The GOP Betrayal of the Middle Class / Chanukah, Christmas and Western Civilization; A Personal Brush with the Cancel Culture (Moss) / Hoosier Votes Canceled; Who Owns Indiana’s Voting Machines (Menge) / Joe Biden and the Truth (Volmerding) / Locke’s foundation Is at Risk this Election (Eichenberger)

The Franke Bookshelf | Divided We Fall / /The Virginia Dynasty / The Patriots / Lincoln’s Lieutenants / Gods of War / Honor and Shame / How the States Got Their Shapes

The Outstater | Does Your Vote Matter? / Save Yourself, Indianapolis / The ‘Good Intentions Paving Company’ Rolls On / Political Identity Meets the News / A Sad Gubernatorial Comparison / Making Murder Respectable / Senator Young Makes the Case for Senator Young / Big Indiana Firms Are Woke / Equity — a Scorecard / Pigment and Vaccinations / The Anglo-Saxon Survival Manual / The Indy Star Needs Your Pennies / Following Up on Students from China / Holcomb’s ‘Equity’ Officers / The Does and Don’ts of 2021 / Guy Montag Lives  / How to Destroy Your City / Biden Has His Mandate, We Have Ours / Yes, They Study Stupidity / Newspapers — Subsidizing Anachronism / Reverse Municipal Engineering 


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