Op-ed: Joe Biden and the Truth

October 17, 2020

by Donna Volmerding

The election of 2020 is the most critical in our lifetimes. I read the position of my local newspaper and I must share another point of view.

Joe Biden has disdain for the truth.

The questionable ethics of Biden and his family.

Biden and his vice-presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, refuse to state if they will pack (expand) the Supreme Court.

Biden foments violence.

Biden wants to remove all borders and have U.S. taxpayers pay for healthcare for all illegals. What could go wrong?

Biden wants to enact the Green New Deal, which would essentially ban the internal combustion engine, impede air travel and basically eradicate natural gas for more expensive renewables.

Biden called our troops “stupid bastards.” Trump’s alleged comments about “suckers” and “losers” have been discounted, even by Trump-hater John Bolton, who was with Trump when he was supposed to have said this.

Biden is “mentally deteriorating,” says Democratic strategist Justin Horwitz. His “gaffes clearly indicate that he is not all there anymore.” Democrats are well aware that a Socialist cannot win the presidency, but a “moderate” could win, then step down and let radicals run the country.

These extremists are not your parents’ Democrat party. No, these new Dems are militant Marxists who want to destroy America and its Constitution. Our country is at a crossroads. Will we choose to live in “the best hope of earth” (Abraham Lincoln) or a reincarnation of Venezuela?

Donna Volmerding, a member of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation and editor of “the Fort Wayne Lutheran” for 30 years, is now a freelance writer and editor.


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