It Begins: the Renaming of ‘Indiana’

July 9, 2020

OUR SYMPATHY GOES OUT to the dozen or so of you who were counting on Eric Holcomb to stand strong against the culture-cancelers and statue-topplers.

Here is the governor responding to a question yesterday on changing the name “Indiana”:

“You know, I haven’t given that any thought, although I’ve talked with Native American friends of mine about our shared past, our heritage, and how we can do a better job — we being myself, this administration — sharing the story of Indiana, sharing the story of who we are as a people, a very diverse people, and to be able to celebrate our successes, to be able to acknowledge our shortcomings and deal with them. And I will look to speak more about this in the near future.”

— a tip of the hat to Ken Davidson of the Northwest Indiana Gazette

Note: The press conference can be viewed here with the pertinent answer beginning at about the 49-minute mark. (The Northwest Indiana Times interpreted the governor’s words to mean he was opposed to renaming Indiana.)


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