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July 25, 2020

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China’s Influence at Indiana University
Michael McRobbie, by any assessment, is a good friend of China. Since becoming president in 2007, he has made eight trips there, often leading large groups. His administration was proud to tell the local newspaper in McRobbie’s first year in office that enrollment of students from China increased 23 percent. And even before assuming the presidency he established the first of many lucrative cooperative research programs. “In the 2019-2020 academic year, students from China paid just over $80 million to IU-Bloomington in tuition and fees alone,” reports Margaret Menge in this issue of journal. “This is close to half the total amount of funding that IU Bloomington gets from the state of Indiana each year, which is around $200 million.” Students from China represent fully a third of all foreign nationals on campus. Moreover, a Chinese dissident, Charles Lee, tells Menge that the great number of students from China at American universities, unlike students from other countries, have taken an oath of loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party and as such can be considered security threats. 

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