Half Past the Month

July 13, 2018

The Indiana Republican Party is moribund, done in by the hubris of a supermajority and its flaccid governor, Eric Holcomb.

That was clear at the state convention this spring in Evansville. Until recently, nobody read the platform texts approved at these gatherings . They were little more than boilerplate on family, patriotism, free markets and such — all words, no action.

You are warned, though, to read the ones they’re writing these days. The crony capitalists and cosmopolitan conservatives are in charge, and they mean what they say with a “Next Level” agenda of policies that would make for polite conversation at a typical Democrat dinner party (without mention of a right to life, of course).

Paragraphs were added calling for an expansion of Regional Cities and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, all blueprints for the political machinery overwhelming the democratic process in our mid-sized cities. Indiana Republicans now stand four-square for fully funded pre-kindergarten education and state-run job training. They are ambivalent about the endless growth in state government and the taxes inevitably required to sustain it. And don’t ask about free markets and speech or the natural right of property.

All of this was adopted, please know, without discussion, passed on a voice vote.

The Machiavellians in Evansville had dragged a red herring across the convention floor, that is, a mock effort to remove the traditional definition of marriage. Delegates were required to vote for either the 2018 platform with the old marriage language or the 2018 platform without it, but with government pre-school, regional political machines and the job-training fraud.

“The sides lined up on the floor,” one disillusioned delegate tells us. “The ‘conservative’ pro-marriage group had a selected speaker; the ‘progressive’ group had their speaker. The emcee then announced that we would vote on the 2018 platform either with the 2016 marriage sentence or the 2018 platform without marriage. It was binary.”

All was quite Holcombesque, a well-played pantomime with the mimics now in control of the GOP going through the motions of leadership to the applause of a sycophant caucus.

Still, as the “ayes” were being counted, our man noticed a good number of delegates with faces that said this would be their last convention.

— Craig Ladwig


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