Huston: Mark Those Who Trust ‘the Process’ in Washington

October 31, 2017

I should have expected it. They all go wobbly once they open on Capitol Hill.

A congressman standing on “high principle” and virtue-signaling his faith in the “process” has been the norm on the Right for 30 years. Considering the Hoosier honor roll of Sunny Conservatives from Dan Quayle to Mike Pence, how could I have thought it would be different this time?

Confidence that a governmental process routinely functions in the interest of justice makes sense to ordinary men only if the evidence is clear that the process has not been corrupted. Any self-identified Republican (particularly a Hoosier one) who doesn’t believe the political process in Washington was thoroughly corrupted during the past eight years and that this corruption explains the response of the Deep State to the election of Donald Trump has no business warming a seat in the House of Representatives not withstanding his demonstrated patriotism and commitment to liberty.

Such a man is not battle ready for the struggle for generational political power that is underway in this country. He appears not to understand the lines of battle, the disposition of troops, the tactical strengths and weaknesses of the contending forces, and, most importantly, why this struggle is being waged and what is at stake if “our” side loses. As a consequence, he is the functional equivalent of a conscientious objector in the war to reassert the sovereignty of the people. In this role he leaves undefended the front line of the sector for whose defense he is responsible.

Permitting a corrupt process to work itself out is not a feasible or rational response to the treason of the political class. It is a dishonorable slouching toward inevitable surrender of the fundamental rights of the American people.

I am not angry; just terribly disappointed. We are lucky if thick-skinned, tough-minded political gut fighters in the Hoosier mode of Sen. Bill Jenner, Congressmen Don Bruce and Earl Landgrebe, and Gov. Ed Whitcomb appear once in a generation.

We never needed such men more than we do today. Alas, none are on the horizon.

— Tom Charles Huston


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