Can Rural Indiana Keep Up in the Info-Age?

August 21, 2015

by Robert Yadon, Ph.D.,
and Barry Umansky, J.D.

Successful deployment of statewide broadband service is within reach for Indiana. However, the state must take a proactive, leadership stance to provide the necessary incentives to bring public and private resources together to reach this goal. Without a comprehensive state broadband strategic plan, each region would be left to the costly and time-consuming task of charting its own course independently.

Given the economic structure of Indiana, failing to participate fully in promoting and using multiple funding strategies and incentives likely would delay for decades Indiana’s full participation in the information economy and achieving a nation-leading broadband future for the state.

Robert E. Yadon, Ph.D., is director of the Digital Policy Institute (DPI), professor of Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University and an adjunct scholar of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation. Barry D. Umansky, J.D., is a senior fellow of DPI, professor of Telecommunications at Ball State, and a communications attorney. DPI is an independent digital communications research and policy organization established in 2004.



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