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May 27, 2014

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June 15, 2014

‘A Constitutional Moment’

“The prospect for success of an Article V convention is based on a growing awareness of inherent dysfunction in the traditional apparatuses of government. In other words, the people know we are suffering from a fundamental problem — a political cancer, rather than a simple chest cold — and that a radical approach is needed. Moreover, state legislatures are in a unique position to impose Constitutional reform on Washington due to a wave of grassroots limited-government activism that swept the country in 2010 and remains a strong political force.” — Tyler Watts, Ph.D.

“A pair of rules governs legislatures applying under Article V: 1) They may limit the subject matter of the convention; but 2) they may not dictate particular wording. These boundaries make sense if you think of the convention as what it really is: a committee or task force charged with solving designated problems. When charging a task force in business or government, you inform its members of the problems you want them to address. You don’t tell them to investigate anything they wish. Additionally, once you have given the task force an assignment, you don’t dictate a solution. To serve its purpose the task force has to be free to consider different solutions. Otherwise there would be no good reason for the task force.” — Rob Natelson, J.D.


The Tuesday Lunch | ‘A Letter to the President.’

Watts | ‘A Constitutional Moment.’

Natelson | ‘An Article V Handbook’

Special Report | ‘Indiana Public Library Identity and Funding Crises’ (Barry and Maryann O. Keating).

Indiana at 200 | Massacre at Fall Creek; a capital; slavery in Indiana; Gov. Jonathan Jennings; statehood.

Bohanon | ‘Mixing Religion and Economics in Las Vegas and in Bible Study; Downton Abby and Political Labels’; ‘Government as a Job Killer;’ ‘Is Health Care a Right?’

Backgrounders | Education standards and the governor’s vision; the 1040 form hits the century mark; public-employee unions; reviving manufacturing.

The Outstater | The Fort Wayne city payroll; Republicanism’s mistakes; education spending efficiency; Baby Boomer sins; The Kenley rule; Hispanics and the GOP; facade grants.

The Reality Check | Is it time for a constitutional convention?


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