Neal: Historical Column Begins — ‘Indiana at 200’

June 15, 2013

Andrea Neal_Final_300For the past 10 years, we’ve distributed Andrea Neal’s biweekly essays on Indiana public-policy issues. She has written extensively about taxes, good governance, higher education, civic education and K-12 reform. Twenty-five Indiana newspapers have routinely published her column, making her one of the most widely read opinion writers in the state.

Beginning with her column for distribution the week of June 17, her essays will focus on another passion — Indiana history. Neal will produce 100 columns between now and December 2016 that describe Indiana’s most significant historical events, generally in chronological order, tying each to a place or current event in Indiana that continues to tell the story of our state.

Each column will be 450-500 words and will be accompanied by a logo, photo and directions to a landmark or other educational destination that readers can visit to experience or learn more. The column will be distributed as it has been since 2003 (every other Monday) so that newspapers that rely on Neal will not miss a beat.

We know our readers will learn a great deal from Andrea’s new project, “Indiana at 200,” as we prepare to celebrate the bicentennial of Indiana.




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