Quick Hit: Tulley Blew it, not Mourdock

June 10, 2014

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MATTHEW TULLEY, the Indianapolis Star columnist, leans on a tautology in his June 9 blast in what he imagines is the direction of Indiana conservatives.

In “Richard Mourdock Blows it Once Again,” he lectures the former GOP Senate nominee that there is nothing, nothing comparable to Hitler’s atrocities, certainly nothing on the American political left.

Well yes, and historical analogies in political discourse are a famously loose discipline. But Hitler, by Tulley’s logic, could not be compared to Stalin because the former was a national socialist and the latter an economic socialist — entirely different things, entirely different mustaches, entirely different concentration camps.

Uncritical readers of the Star must think that tyranny cannot overcome them so long as their democratic representative promises to apply it only gradually and Tulley gets the interview.

And don’t try to compare Tulley to Mourdock. The one is held accountable to his words. The other is not. — Craig Ladwig



  • David Hardesty says:

    Well said. Using Nazi analogies is usually the wrong thing to do – no one in American public life is really Hitler-esque, no one wants to kill millions of undesirables – but in this case Mourdock wasn’t talking about Nazis. He was warning about economic conditions and governmental assumptions which would lead a desperate electorate to make foolish choices. Politically incorrect? Probably. Historically incorrect? Not at all.

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